Your time is invaluable to us.

Opportunities range from in-the-field working with children, peers, adults; arranging workshops, events, drives, teaching skills, computer oriented projects, to painting walls. The list of needs in our community is long.

Even though the Adult Outreach Program lists the many opportunities for volunteers, our youth volunteers overlap with these exact needs.

Your help is important

It is so important to assist another to find ways in which to better cope and feel whole. Imagine what it must be like to live with the constant fear of being a failure as a woman, mother and human being.


Women and Youth Shelters
  • Mentoring Programs for Children
  • Parenting Programs for Adults and Teens
  • College prep and application assistance
  • Restorative Rituals Workshops/Programs for Women/Children Survivors of Domestic Violence
  • Documentary Film-making Programs
  • Gang Prevention and Alternative Programs
  • Yoga for Trauma Workshops

Career Opportunities

There is always a need for individuals with good administrative skills, grant writing experience, fundraising, public relations and networking for our less fortunate and struggling communities. We believe that we all have the ability to be supportive and caring in some way. If any of our dreams resonate with you, Please do not hesitate to contact us if only to learn more about the programs.

Women in Shelters
The Youth Shelters