The birth of Kids Who Care Inc.

“In 1996, Governor Christine Whitman welcomed the 12 year-old me to the Capitol’s State House. On behalf of KWC, I donated collected monies to the Children’s Trust Fund, which was recorded as being a contribution from the youngest person of a nonprofit organization. This event marked the beginning of Kids Who Care’s serious commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Alexandra SeidensteinFounder and President of KWC
Founder – Ali Seidenstein

Ali is a full-time faculty member at NYU’S School of Engineering, where she teaches Genetics, Molecular Biology and Biostatistics for the Biomolecular Science Program. Her bioinformatic based research includes stroke, epigenetics, PTSD, and protein modeling.

Community involvement has always been a pinnacle part of Ali’s focus.. In 1996, Ali founded the non-profit organization, Kids Who Care, Inc. with the commitment to bring educational resources and awareness to abused and neglected children residing in shelters in New Jersey. As president and founder of KWC she has continued to grow the organization and include NYU students in the mission. Currently she works with at risk youth to help with college preparation and application. As an authorized yoga teacher, she spent 3 years studying under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his family in Mysore, India. And has been teaching yoga for over a decade. Ali is honored to be able to integrate this passion with Kids Who Care Inc. by teaching yoga and meditation for trauma survivors at Womens shelters and Community Centers.

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Kids Who Care, Inc started in 1996, by then twelve years old Alexandra Seidenstein, and has continued to  expand into a state-ranked network of volunteers, who service childcare centers, shelters for abused and neglected women, sites for children who are considered to be at-risk and after-school programs. We have earned the endorsement of the Honorable Christie Todd Whitman and have a number of board members that are part of the leading Academic Institutes in the NY Metropolitan Area (NYU, Columbia University, NY Medical College and Rutgers University).

We are in our twenty-second year of doing community service. And our gratitude is extended to the thousands of our mentors, family, friends and professionals, who volunteer their time, skills and generously donate in a multitude of ways.

Through KWC, students are encouraged to give of themselves to another who is challenged by life’s circumstances.

The children serviced are in shelters because of abuse and/or neglect, or with their mothers in domestic violence centers, where both mother and children have fled for protection against their abuser. We also service underprivileged students to help pursue their dreams of college by helping them prepare their applications and run workshops for their families.

We aim bring to the less fortunate individuals of our community many important services, that they may be lacking. Our volunteers assist with a wide range of applications through our different initiatives which include: helping with homework, aid students in the college application process, provide support to ailing patients receiving long term care, and assist in Trauma workshops, to name a few. Volunteers often participate in holidays and mark milestones with the children, our parents in shelters..


Alexandra Seidenstein

Executive Director

Shelley Grodner Seidenstein

Board Members

Sara-Lee Ramsawak

Wendi H. Gutkin

Graham J. Hartke, Psy.D.

Tommy Lee

Kimberly Andron

Honorary Advisory
Board Member

The Honorable

Christine Todd Whitman