Kids Who Care Inc.

Help us to bridge socio-economic barriers to enrich the lives of our less fortunate peers!
What we do

KIDS WHO CARE, INC. is a nonprofit organization that helps to bridge socio-economic barriers to enrich the lives of our less fortunate peers. We invite you to share in our enthusiasm as we help other kids, students and families who are survivors of poverty, child abuse, neglect, or who simply lack a positive role model to guide them in life’s journey.

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Witnessing the happy face of a child, or a parent, because we kept our word and returned to the site, as we said we would, is a wonderful feeling and experience. This begins the process of building trust. That is our most important and memorable work… establishing trusting relationships and developing authentic friendships that will have made an impact and that just might be a cherished memory carried throughout life. It certainly is the case for all of us who have experienced these not- to- be forgotten times.


in 1996 by Alexandra H.Seidenstein


Less fortunate children, students and families who have suffered from abuse and neglect


Opportunities range from in-the-field working with children, peers, adults; arranging workshops, events, drives, teaching skills, computer oriented projects, to artistic endeavors.

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To get involved with Kids Who Care Inc. all you have to do is volunteer your time.

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